Many wastewater systems are designed to have a separate pump chamber to move effluent to a leaching field.  Pump chambers may be specified under the following conditions:

  • Leaching field is higher than the outlet of the water treatment system
  • Conditions mandate time dosed effluent to prevent saturation during peak usage

Often overlooked as a maintenance item, pump systems generally perform without notice.  However, in the case of a malfunction, a nonfunctioning pump chamber may have a damaging impact on a wastewater system, including potential back up of wastewater into the building from where the wastewater came.

A complete inspection and check on the mechanical parts of a pump chamber may prevent a potential costly event, which could also result in a significant inconvenience should the pump chamber fail to perform.

Pump Chamber Service

SES Wastewater technicians are trained to inspect and repair all components in a pump chamber system and carry a complete inventory of items necessary to repair or replace worn parts.

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