The Hydro-Kinetic Wastewater Treatment System revolutionizes how the industry views de-nitrification. With growing concerns over the amount of nitrogen being released into the environment near wells, wetlands, ponds, lakes or a high water-table, the Hydro-Kinetic system can provide a solution for any project. Both Hydro-Kinetic systems are similar to a conventional Singulair treatment system but include a pre-treatment chamber and Bio-Film Reactor for significantly lower nitrogen output, at a fraction of the cost compared to other market offerings.

The lightweight Green System is manufactured out of a heavy-duty UV protected polyethylene, allowing it to be set in place with a backhoe, offering unparalleled ease of installation. Once installed, this system exceeds all regulatory standards, surpassing NSF Standard 40, NQ 3680-910 Standard, USEPA Secondary Treatment Standard and CAN/BNQ 3680-600 Standard. The Hydro-Kinetic Green achieves an unmatched effluent quality of 3 mg/L CBOD, 2 mg/L TSS and 67% reduction in Total Nitrogen.

Hydro-Kinetic Green

The Hydro-Kinetic Standard system is constructed with durable, reliable components utilizing specially designed concrete tanks in series with the Singulair 960. This version again provides unparalleled de-nitrification performance, surpassing all regulatory standards. With an industry leading 2.1 mg/L CBOD, 1.8 mg/L TSS and 7.95 mg/L TN the Hydro-Kinetic Standard System exceeds NSF Standard 40, USEPA Secondary Treatment Standard, State Wastewater Regulations and USEPA Drinking Water Standards.

Hydro-Kinetic Standard

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