The Singulair DN is a practical choice for wastewater treatment on properties in and around areas where drinking water, wildlife and vegetation may be harmed by Nitrogen contaminants in wastewater.

The Singulair DN has been certified by the RI DEM and Massachusetts DEP as a Nitrogen Reducing Wastewater Treatment System.  Both states recognize the systems’ ability to consistently reduce Nitrogen levels to below 19 ml/l.

The Singulair DN initially uses the 4 step treatment processes of the Singulair: settlement; aeration; clarification; kinetic filtration to treat wastewater. The Singulair DN then incorporates a separate “recirculation” tank where nitrified liquid is captured from the 4-step treatment process and is recirculated, in measured doses, back to the pretreatment chamber of the Singulair Tank. Under carefully controlled conditions, bacteria remove nitrogen by consuming nitrate‐bound oxygen during their respiratory process. The biomass in the pretreatment chamber is maintained to insure consistent biological denitrification. The resultant process forms a system that is effective, cost efficient and easy to maintain.

Singulair DN

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