SES Wastewater is a Norweco Factory Authorized Distributor and Service Provider. Products include the Singulair, Hydro-Kinetic, and Phos-4 Fade Systems.  Each system is uniquely designed to meet the challenging demands of a growing population, while preserving our precious water resources and meeting the related high regulatory demands imposed upon wastewater disbursement.

Since 1991, SES Wastewater has been providing clean solutions for the disposal of wastewater to the environment. Weather it be: maximizing house lots for a real estate development; providing a remedial solution for a failed septic system; mitigating environmental concerns for industrial plants: providing homeowners a wastewater system in an environmentally sensitive area, SES has proven themselves the leader in the wastewater industry.

We are committed in our support of wastewater system designers, regulators, installers, developers, and homeowners to find efficient and cost-effective solutions to the growing challenges of wastewater treatment.