The Singulair Wastewater Treatment System is a low-cost solution for treating domestic wastewater when restrictions limit the use of a conventional system.  Such restrictions may be the remediation of a failed septic system; lot size limitations; environmental concerns surrounding the property; water table restrictions.

Our state-of-the-art Singulair Treatment Process removes most solids from domestic wastewater, which, in turn, allows for a much smaller leaching field. Some states allow as much as a 75% reduction in leaching field size as compared to a conventional system.  This allows property development on lots that may not be large enough to accommodate a conventional system or to yield a higher total of buildable lots in a development.

Singulair Green

A Singulair tank is no larger than a conventional septic tank, but treats wastewater much as a municipal treatment plant does.  It’s 4 step process: settlement; aeration; clarification; Kinetic Filtration will quietly and efficiently treat all incoming wastewater, returning harmless effluent to the environment.

The Singulair is NSF Standard 40 Certified as producing Class I effluent.  Over the course of 7 months of extensive NSF testing, the Singulair produced an average effluent BOD(5) of 6 mg/L and an average effluent suspended solids of 10 mg/l. These results are well below the NSF threshold for Class I effluent of 30 mg/L and translates to the removal of over 95% of the BOD(5) and suspended solids of the tested wastewater.

Additional enhancements to the system can transform the system into a de-nitrification system.  This is important in areas where nitrogen in wastewater can adversely affect drinking water supplies or the ecosystem of nearby waterways.  The Singulair DN and Singulair TNT, are proven industry leaders in nitrogen reduction.

The Singulair is available in a lightweight High-Density Polypropylene (Green) or as a concrete tank (960).  The Green is a 600 Gallon capacity model (accommodating up to 5-bedroom homes in most states) while the 960 comes in 600, 750, 1000, 1250, or 1500 Gallons per day units.  Tanks can be used in parallel for even greater treatment capacities.

Singulair 960

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