The Singulair Total Nitrogen Treatment System (TNT) is an industry leader in Nitrogen reducing wastewater technology, with a large focus on harmful nitrates and nitrites. This system is significantly less expensive than other market options, while providing superior performance. Extensive NSF International testing certified the average Singulair TNT treated effluent as containing 7 mg/L Nitrate, 12 mg/L Total Nitrogen, 4 mg/L CBOD and 9 mg/L Total Suspended Solids. This equates to a total nitrogen reduction of greater than 68%.

This revolutionary design eliminates the need for complicated and expensive components while simultaneously removing the need for added chemicals or effluent re-circulation. The TNT system is optimized for easy operation and maintenance, allowing for trouble-free wastewater treatment, no matter how stringent the effluent requirements.

Singulair TNT

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